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Proterial Asia Pacific

Materials Make the Difference

"Materials" encompass people, products, technologies, designs, ideas and services that solve problems and generate value. At the Hitachi Metals Group, we deliver optimal solutions that embody customer needs. This is what we call "Materials Magic."

Solutions for the Future

As a development-driven company distinguished for its advanced technology and development capabilities, the philosophy of Hitachi Metals reflects a single-minded focus on quality. In relentless pursuit of the creation of quality, we will continue to deliver highly functional component materials that contribute to the wellbeing and prosperity of society.

Enriching Tomorrow

Consolidating our wisdom and knowledge, the experience we have amassed over the years and all of the other "Materials" that we possess as an engine for growth, we will forge ahead in the 21st century. This is yet another facet of "Materials Magic."

New Products

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Metal Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

Proterial creates new value in AM by combining our "manufacturing track records" and new "additive manufacturing" capability. We aim to be a value added manufacturing coordinator with AM as the focal point, to create new value for our customers by optimizing materials and processes.

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About Proterial Asia Pacific

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Proterial Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Proterial Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (PRAP) has newly started as of 1st November, 2022. PRAP has longstanding history as a sales centre in Asia Pacific region since its incorporation in January 1979 to provide a wide range products to our valuable customers.

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